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Tournament King Online (TKO)

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Tournament King Online (TKO)

The Most Powerful Update is Here… Tournament King Online

Already on your G3 Dartboard

Grow your Player base. Reach thousands of players around the world on our NEW BullShooter Tournament King Online “TKO” Software. It will open up your world to supercharged remote tournaments.

This software will transform the world into your route!

  • Run TKO (4, 16, 64, or more brackets) from the comfort of your laptop.
  • Every online G3 in the world can play in your TKO Tournament.
  • G3 reports the winners of each match for you!
  • See the stats from every match once the match is over.
  • Up-to-date bracket, view on-screen before the start of every match.

Download the “Simple Setup Guide” here.


View stats, see the worldwide rankings, review recently played games, & download the mobile app to take it all with you on the go.