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Tournament King Online (TKO)

The Most Powerful Update is Here… Tournament King Online

Already on your G3 Dartboard

Grow your Player base. Reach thousands of players around the world on our NEW BullShooter Tournament King Online “TKO” Software. It will open up your world to supercharged remote tournaments.

This software will transform the world into your route!

  • Run TKO (4, 16, 64, or more brackets) from the comfort of your laptop.
  • Every online G3 in the world can play in your TKO Tournament.
  • G3 reports the winners of each match for you!
  • See the stats from every match once the match is over.
  • Up-to-date bracket, view on-screen before the start of every match.

Download the “Simple Setup Guide” here.


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NGS – No Greater Sacrifice 2017-2018

No Greater Sacrifice(NGS) and Arachnid 360 are teaming up again. Together we are presenting another great opportunity to support our Service Men, Women,  and their families. Each donation made, assists our Service Member’s children through their pursuit of higher education.

We are asking for your help in honoring these Service Members through small monetary donations. Your donation will help their children as will as give you a chance to win a camouflage Galaxy 3 home game. This special soft tip dartboard will be given away at this years BullShooter 33 Finals in Chicago on May 24-28, 2018.

For every $5 donated you will receive 1 entry ticket towards the camouflage dartboard. All Donations can be made in one of 4 ways.

1.) At any BullShooter Regional

2.) By mailing a check or money order(don’t forget to note in the memo “For NGS Donation”) to:

Arachnid 360

Attn: Jeanne Garigliano

P.O. Box 2901

Loves Park, IL 61111

3.) Or call: 800-435-8319 Mon.-Fri. 8am – 5pm CST. (Ask for Jeanne)

4.) Or electronic donations can be made here. Make sure you follow these easy steps…

–Choose your donation amount. Electronically the minimum is $10 (That means you will get 2 entries to win the Dartboard.)

–Make sure you set the “Special Purpose for your donation” to: Dart Game
(This is a must in order to be entered to win the Camouflage Dartboard.)

–The rest of the options are up to your discretion. (They offer the ability to make donations in honor of someone as well.)

–Then make sure you complete your donation. (Again, this is a must in order to be entered to win the Camouflage Dartboard.)

Thank you for your help in supporting No Greater Sacrifice.

* If you would like to donate to the cause and enter for the drawing at the BullShooter 33 Finals in Chicago, May 24-28, 2018. We will be accepting donations up until the drawing at 12:00 pm CST Monday May 28th, 2018. Remember you DO NOT need to be present to win. Hope to see you there.

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Arachnid Rep Helps in Houston Devastation from Hurricane Harvey

Arachnid Rep, Deondre “Kidd” Cardenas, who lives in Houston, was one of the many who stepped up to help rescue people from their homes and take them to shelter.

One particular incident Kidd will remember was on Sunday, August 27, when he was out in a boat with other rescuers, he noticed an arm waving out of an attic. They used a chainsaw to cut a hole in the house and there was a little girl with her mother and father. Kidd pulled the little girl out and carried her to safety, and then her parents were helped to the boat.

Also helping was Star City Amusement, Roddy, who donated money for food for the rescuers. Elite Entertainment, Mike Brown, was on another boat in Dickerson helping people get out of their homes, and JD Rodriguez, from AVS, donated his time to the local Church by helping with the clean up and feeding people in the area.
Arachnid extends our sympathy to all the people suffering loss from Hurricane Harvey and the devastation that has affected the lives of many.


**Kidd is pictured in orange clothing in all photos.**

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Get your BullShooter Gear today!

BullShooter 32 World Challenge of Champions Dart Tournament is coming!

Are you ready? Have you gotten your Gear yet?

Order today and get your new wardrobe just in time to “Show up in Style”!

The FREE shipping with no minimum order requirements will end April 30th.

*Free shipping in the Continental U.S.*

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NGS – No Greater Sacrifice

NGS-winnerThanks to all the players that donated to the No Greater Sacrifice charity. All proceeds were donated to the families of fallen and wounded service members. $5,000 was donated by dart players at Qualifying BullShooter Regionals, the BullShooter Finals and some players mailed entry forms to Arachnid 360. The lucky dart game winner was David Delp out of Roanoke, Virginia. The Galaxy 3 Camouflage Home Game was shipped to the Delps, in Virginia, the week after the BullShooter. David said he is really enjoying the game and getting a lot of practice in! David is married to Lisa Delp (a Women’s A player) and they have nine children. His younger children play darts, so maybe there will be more Delp shooters coming in the future! David and Lisa donated to NGS at the Virginia BullShooter Qualifying Regional filling out many forms for the worthy cause. Congratulations on your win and enjoy your new game!

No Greater Sacrifice and Arachnid 360 are asking for your help in honoring the sacrifices of our Service members by investing in their children through small monetary donations. NGS is dedicated to the children of our nation’s fallen and wounded Service members. NGS scholarships deliver assistance to reduce any unmet financial costs of higher education, which includes in-state tuition, room and board, special equipment, books, or other expenses deemed necessary.

Your donation will help the children of our Service members as will as give you a chance to win a one-of-a-kind camouflage Galaxy 3 home game. This special one-of-a-kind soft tip dartboard will be given away at this years BullShooter 32 Finals in Chicago on May 25-29, 2017. Minimum donation is $1. Donations can be made at any BullShooter Regional…

or  by mailing a check/money order to:

Arachnid 360

Attn: Jeanne Garigliano

P.O. Box 2901

Loves Park, IL 61111

or call:


* If you would like to donate to the cause and enter for the drawing, come on out to the BullShooter 32 Finals in Chicago, May 25-29, 2017. We will be accepting donations up until the drawing at 12:00 pm CST Monday May 29th, 2017. Remember you DO NOT need to be present to win. Hope to see you there.


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Dart Bar of The Month

Recognize your best location by simply sending in a submission!

All you need to do is send in…

  • The name and address of the bar
  • A minimum of 3 high quality photos of the bar and your top players
    • if emailing photos send in as .jpg file format
  • The name of the Operator
  • Answers to these questions:
    • How many leagues do they run?
    • Do they have a special food or drink they are known for?
    • Have any of their players won big tournaments?
    • Do they hold any special events?
  • All information goes to:
    • Arachnid 360, BullShooter Magazine, P.O. Box 2901, Loves Park, IL 61111
    • or email with the subject of “Dart Bar of the Month” to : jeanneg@bullshooter.com


Please note: The publisher reserves the right to accept or reject editorial or advertising material or edit anything not in keeping with the character of the magazine.

Photos become the property of BullShooter Magazine once you have submitted them and cannot be returned to you.

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With Great Pleasure, Arachnid 360 Owners Announce New Promotions

Arachnid 360 owners Tony Beall, Chris Beall, and Shawn Beall are pleased to announce the promotion of Sam Zammuto to President, Pat Rice to V.P. of Engineering and Innovation, and Mike Gannon to V.P. of Customer Service.

Sam Zammuto joined the Arachnid Sales and Promotion staff in 1982.  Through his direct help the first dart league was formed, he helped design the first soft-tip “Cricket” game, participated in the invention of automated communication, and started the BullShooter World Tour, which is now in its 31st year.  Sam is very well known and respected in the coin-op industry and has been very instrumental in the success and growth of darts around the world.  Tony Beall commented, “Through his supervision, Arachnid has prospered throughout the years and we look forward to our continued growth under his direction as President.”

Pat Rice joined Arachnid in 1992 in the Engineering Department.  He has been a driving force leading the engineering changes to Arachnid’s dart games.  This includes the innovation of the Galaxy II and  the Galaxy 3 Live, and also with Arachnid’s electronic shuffleboards–the Super Shuffle and DiscGlo Shuffle.  With his continued support as V.P. of Engineering and Innovation, his team continues to work to develop products to keep up with the future trend.

Mike Gannon joined Arachnid in 2002 as a Midwest Sales Representative and was later promoted to Sales / Customer Service Manager.  Prior to Arachnid, Mike already had 22 years of coin-op experience and had many industry acquaintances in the marketplace.  Arachnid feels fortunate to have Mike’s expertise in the coin-op industry, while he continues to lead a team of technicians as V.P. of Customer Service.

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New Look & Feel!


Greetings to One and All,

Some of you may have noticed that we have updated our websites. Our apologies for any confusion or inconvenience during this transition. We are currently updating our websites to provide a more streamlined experience.

All the product information and support pages have been reorganized by product at www.Arachnid360.com, while all the information pertaining to Tournaments, BullShooter Finals, BullShooter Regionals, BullShooter Magazine, etc. has been made the focal point of www.BullShooter.com.

You can still access one site from the other and we are currently in the process of adding additional information to both sites to help make it an easier experience for Operators, Distributors, and the Players.

Again we apologize for any confusion or inconvenience. Please visit the new websites and, as always, thank you for your feedback as it helps us provide a better customer experience.


The Arachnid 360 Team



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Victory Ranked Series

For the Operators looking to increase the excitement and the play on their online G3’s, Victory Ranked Series is the answer.

Configure a Time Based Leader Board through your LeagueLeader account. Choose the game type, the time frame, along with many more credentials that gives you the power to recognize your top players.

*There is also built in cheat detection to ensure fairness.



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Super 8

The new feature on the Galaxy 3 Live! Play an 8 player, remote single elimination bracket.

Do you enjoy playing remote play? Do you enjoy the competition of a tournament bracket? Then this is for you!

This feature allows you to play a single elimination bracket with 7 other remote opponents. Play best 2 out of 3 games, 15″ or 13″, in either Cricket/200 or Chicago Style.

All you need is a location with a Galaxy 3 Live online and a registered HotButton.


View stats, see the worldwide rankings, review recently played games, & download the mobile app to take it all with you on the go.