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Commercial Products

G3 Phone Charger

Charge up to 4 phones at one time!

Galaxy 3 Live

13" & 15" Dart Heads with Remote Play & Remote Leagues.

Legacy Dartboards

All your product information on past dartboards can be found here.

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DiscGlo Shuffle

Attention grabbing LED lighting around the tub matches the monitor & marquee and changes color with each player.

Chuck A Luck Darts

Chuck-A-Luck Darts® is now available for the amusements and attractions industry. A safe, simple concept, the Chuck-A-Luck has four dartboard targets...


Maintain your leagues from anywhere the internet is available.

Supplies & Accessories

Arachnid offers a variety of dart accessories, from brass barrel "bar" darts and tips to HotButtons, throwlines and tournament charts.

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View stats, see the worldwide rankings, review recently played games, & download the mobile app to take it all with you on the go.